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Artists have many reasons to need high quality digital versions of their art. Whether you are planning a limited series of fine art prints, expanding your product line, or documenting original works before they are sold, we are here to help.

Art digitization is ideal for:

  • Fine art (giclée) prints
  • Photographic prints
  • Online displays and portfolios
  • Print-on-demand products (clothing, home decor, stationary)
  • Portfolio documentation
  • Insurance records

We create sharp, high-resolution digital copies of 2D artworks, suitable for fine art prints, digital prints, and a range of print-on-demand services. A well-calibrated camera setup yields a truer reproduction of an artwork than most flatbed scanners. And for some kinds of art, a flatbed scanner can cause damage. Our process preserves texture and grants a degree of control over the quality of fine details and local contrast (i.e. brush strokes, paper tooth, and mixed media depth).

Our precise studio setup ensures:

  • Sharp detail
  • Accurate colours
  • Textural fidelity
  • No warp/distortion
  • Safe handling of original art

Appointment fees and duration depend on quantity, sizes, and art medium. Services start at $120 per session, for 2-3 paintings. Larger canvases, larger collections of work, and 3D items can also be photographed, with specific fees and timeframes to be determined upon consultation. Works on canvas must be stretched, frame-mounted, and completely dry. Works on paper (watercolour, pastel, charcoal) must be removed from frames, kept flat, and safely enclosed in a paper or plastic envelope with a backing board. All services include basic colour matching and file optimization for output to print and/or print-on-demand services. We can also optimize for output to textiles, device cases, and social media content. Advanced colour proofing, black&white conversion, and/or image retouching services are available for an additional fee.

Digital image files are sent 10-14 business days later via DropBox folder, and will remain available for download for 1 month. Final image files are available in JPEG or TIFF formats at 300dpi.

Now offering services with no in-person contact!

We are deeply committed to keeping our clients, ourselves, and our community safe and healthy! And for now, that means new protocols for contact-free service. Initial consultations are done by phone, email, or video call prior to your appointment.

Our convenient drop-off location provides physical distancing and no in-person contact, while keeping your artworks secure. At your scheduled appointment time, simply deliver your art to our secure drop-off location (located in the North End of Kelowna) for us to collect immediately. After your art has been photographed, we will return it to the same location for your scheduled pick-up. Exact instructions will be given at time of booking.

We love seeing artists branching out to new formats, and we are proud to provide high quality digitization services to help make that happen.

Contact us to book your session!