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3 Quick Tips To Make Your Next Post Pop

Try saying that five times fast!

You want all your posts to look great and get noticed, right? Yes! What do you mean you don’t have a pro photography crew following you around all day? Let’s be real – sometimes you need a fast, fun shot that gets noticed.

Here are 3 quick tips to kick your images up a notch:

  1. Leave some SPACE around your subject. Designers love whitespace for good reason. Pics with a higher proportion of background space around the main subject get about 29% more engagement. 
  2. Add a BLUE HUE. Research suggests that blue and blue-tinted images get more likes than average. Solid blocks of colour work best. Note that muted tones are just fine, but a single dominant colour makes for a more immersive image.
  3. Keep it LIGHT! In photography, the term is high-key, and it means there’s way more light than dark tones in the image. On a mobile device, light-toned images are easier to see.



Note: These are quick tips are built on social media engagement research. Work them in when you need a fast fix, but don’t let them rule your shooting style. Have fun! Experiment! Strive to create better, brighter images that share your style and your story.  That’s how you’ll build authentic connection with your audience, and that’s where you’ll find meaninful engagement.

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